Gronquist’s Designer-Branded Weapons Make the Rounds

We like art and all, but sometimes we have to groan a bit. Such is the case after we saw Peter Gronquist‘s new exhibition in LA popping up on a few blogs here and there. The showing, entitled, The Revolution Will Be Fabulous, features things like guns and chain saws re-designed to include shiny surfaces and the logos of high-end fashion designers like Louis Vuitton and Prada. And while we appreciate the effort and think Gronquist did a spectacular job with the general look and feel of the pieces, really successfully recreating the imagined style guides that would be involved should high-end fashion ever get into the weapons market, but it feels so deflated, like something we’ve seen this sort of thing a million times before, that pitting glossy Western consumerism against something dangerous and violent. But hey, in a world where Damien Hirst can put a dead shark in the Met, then what do any of us know about anything, right? (we know the two are in no way related, we just still can’t get over the weirdness of that damned shark)

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