Grocery Chain Will Pitch Store Patrons With Amazon-Like Recommendations

Russian retailer joins the digital-physical movement

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Land, a Russian high-end supermarket chain, has implemented interactive kiosks that will create recommendation-styled grocery lists for customers who use the brand's loyalty cards. Indeed, the Amazonization of physical shops marches on.

Using a touch-screen system from tech firm Synqera, patrons will be able to print lists based on their past purchases, the day of the week (beer or wine on Fridays, as just one possible example), time of day (milk in the morning, perhaps) and other elements. The program will only recommend items that are currently in stock. The kiosks will also help folks with recipes—not to mention the location of their needed items in the store.

And during checkout, the customers will get pitched coupons via a new set of display screens. According to the retailer, the digital offers—like the grocery list suggestions—will be based on the day of the week and time of day. These bells-and-whistles are now live in a handful of Land stores in a pilot program.


"Understanding how our customers think and like products helps us make shopping at Land a better experience," said Ilya Shtrom, general director for the grocery chain. "Synqera's analytics and customer personalization technology enhances the shopping experience at a critical point throughout the sales process."

This development comes on the heels of Apple's new technology that allows it (per AllThingsD) to send notifications to shoppers’ phones based on their location within a store.

So from here to Russia, the retail world continues to look more and more like something Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos might dream up. But thankfully, Land and Apple do not plan on incorporating drones into their stores anytime soon. 

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.