Grist Staff Kiss Up to the New Boss

Three editors walk into a news release...

The latest staffing announcement from is a wonderful reflection of the online news organization’s mission statement. From the upside-down “i” in the company logo to Grist’s Twitter profile, this Seattle operation is dedicated to the idea of ‘using humor to interpret green issues and inspire environmental action.’

Here’s how the March 1 post in question begins:

We’re thrilled to announce that, upholding a long tradition of convincing people to leave perfectly respectable jobs and cast their lot with our scrappy enterprise instead, we’ve added three top-notch editors to the Grist ranks this spring. We expect climate change to shut up and go away now — or at least to behave itself a little better.

And here’s how the post ends:

“Don’t worry, Grist fans,” [new executive editor Scott] Dodd says. “I know how special this place is and what a wonderful opportunity I’ve been given. I won’t cock it up.” Dirty words disguised as British humor? Now we know we’ve found our guy.

In between, there’s more usual stuff like Dodd’s Pulitzer Prize-winning footprint at the Charlotte Observer, senior editor Matt Craft’s coverage of the Arab Spring and Associated Press and news editor Rebecca Leber’s stints at New Republic and ThinkProgress. But first and foremost, it’s all about praising Dodd for bringing donuts and parenthetically tagging their description of this man’s career accomplishments as “extraordinarily impressive.”

(It’s never too soon to kiss up to the new boss, right?)

Right. Craft is in Seattle; Leber is based in Washington, D.C.; and Dodd will remain in New York, although to start, he will spend half his time at Pacific Northwest HQ.

Pictured (l to r): Dodd, Leber, Craft