Grindr, Please. Your 15 Minutes is Grinding to a Halt

Folks apparently didn’t get enough of Grindr the first time around when ex-Washington Examiner reporter Tara Palmeri took to the mean streets of Washington, to the Capitol and Pentagon, to test out the new techno dating phenom for gay men. Then Metro Weekly spoofed it. (If memories are fading, watch here.)
Now, four weeks later, we have to endure yet another look at Grindr by Politics Daily‘s Delia Lloyd – who’s in London no less.
Think of Lloyd’s version of this story as the sophisticated “Mrs. Doubtfire” – a little Rated G sex talk minus much raunchiness. She does bring up STD’s and a study linking social networking and syphilis. Unfortunately, there’s no video, no Lloyd walking around Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, cathedrals and abbeys looking for young gay men on the prowl for one another.
Too bad. A London spoof on Grindr would have been ideal.
Check out an excerpt from the Politics Daily piece after the jump…

An excerpt
The question, of course, is what do all these technological advances mean for relationships?
Well, more sex for starters. Hard to get around that. When the guy or gal you’ve been fancying really is just around the corner, it’s hard to imagine that a significant portion of human beings wouldn’t act on the urge to have a face-to-face encounter.