GRilli3D iPad/iPhone Screen Overlay Provides Interesting Glasses-less 3D Experience

A friend of mine motioned me to walk over and take a look at his iPad. What he had to show was an image designed to show of the glasses-free 3D imagery made possible by a non-electronic screen overlay from:


My guess is that the GRilli3D overlay probably uses some kind of parallax display similar to the kind of passive 3D you might see in 3D movie posters. Slightly different images are reflected into the left and right visual fields providing a 3D viewing effect. The 3D-ness was reasonably good though not spectacular. And, it does have a “wow factor.” I was surprised to find that the viewing angle was quite wide. You can stand to the side of the person viewing the iPad head-on and still see the 3D effect.

You can see what the overlay for an iPhone looks like before being applied to the screen in the photo to the left.