Grigoriadis Dissects Gawker, Finds Shriveled Heart


Vanessa Grigoriadis gets back at Gawker for making fun of her wedding write-up. Writing in New York, Grigoriadis writes:

Like most journalists, I tend to have a defeatist attitude about Gawker, dismissing it as the Mystery Science Theater 3000 of journalism, or accepting its vague put-downs under the principle that any press is good press.

She liked Elizabeth Spiers, but then she felt sorry for Judith Regan, too. She also has a very odd perspective on things, writing:

A Town Car pulls to the curb: It’s the most famous young journalist in the city, Julia Allison.

Julia Allison is a journalist? This is a joke, right?

Nick Denton responds with a shrug.

FishbowlNY points out that Grigordias doesn’t have much dirt to share, which is a real pity. Maybe living in LA is mellowing her out. Oh, wait–she did find out this:

Until recently, most Gawker bloggers were paid a flat rate of $12 per post for twelve posts a day, with quarterly bonuses adding to the bottom line; these bonuses could be used to buy equity in the company, which took two years to vest. Now, Denton is moving to a pay-for-performance system.

No wonder Balk left. No wonder Gawker’s always so mean about