Grigoriades: ”We Don’t Let Your Friends Take Pictures For The Cover Of Rolling Stone


Rolling Stone Contributing writer Vanessa Grigoriadis was on Reliable Sources with Howie Kurtz this Sunday discussing her controversial cover story on Britney Spears and ”the multibillion-dollar new-media economy” that feasts on her sad decline. While Grigoriades did try to interview Spears, she was caught up with an intermediary who wanted two million dollars for access to the pop star.

KURTZ: Well, obviously you didn’t cough up the cash, but I understand he asked for pre-approval of the article and something about who was going to take the pictures?

GRIGORIADIS: Sure, yes. No, the people that I was dealing with, I mean, essentially these people are just really naive, they don’t understand the way that United States media works at this point, which is like there’s no pre- approval over articles. We don’t let your friends take pictures for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.”