Griffin's $25 Slap for iPod nano (6th gen.): Retro Looking (in a good way) Wristwatch Band for the nano

Video courtesy of therealgriffentech

Apple’s 6th generation iPod nano is definitely not the big hit its predecessors were. Perhaps it has something to do with lost features like video playback, voice recorder, and video recorder that were the previous model and then disappeared. Perhaps, it has something to do (more likely) with the huge hit the iPod touch has become with its iPhone-like capabilities without any of the monthly recurring costs associated with cell phone service. The iPod nano doesn’t even show up in the top 5 best selling MP3 devices on Amazon. It makes its first appearance at #8 (16GB Graphite model) and again at #10 (8GB Graphite model).

This hasn’t stopped a couple of attempts to key on the 6th generation iPod nano’s watch-like look and actual clock functions though. The latest attempt comes from well-known accessory maker Griffin TEchnology.

Use your 6th gen. iPod nano as a watch

Their $24.99 “Slap for iPod nano” is available in eight bright colors (really bright!) with a flexible spring-steel band wrapping around the wrist to hold it in place. The “watch” looks huge on nearly anyone’s wrist. But, who cares?

It is unfortunate that the iPod nano doesn’t have a Bluetooth radio. If it did, this wristband for it would round out a perfect active lifestyle set with a Bluetooth stereo headset.