Griffin Technology Beacon: Sensible iPhone Remote Control for Your Consumer Gear

Mobile gadgets lost their InfraRed (IR) transceivers years ago. The result was the loss of the capability to talk to the many consumer devices around the home that use IR for remote control. There have been a couple of peripherals for the iPod touch and iPhone that are either plug-in dongles or entire cases that add back the IR capability. But, these were generally unweildy.

Griffin announced their Beacon product solution at CES earlier this year. However, the device is apparently close to becoming available only now.

Your only remote is coming soon!

The Beacon works with the free Dijit Universal Remote iPhone app to control IR based consumer devices like TVs and even the Roku (over WiFi). Dijit talks to the Beacon using Bluetooth. The Beacon then sends the IR signals to the target consumer device.

And, yes, there’s even a “social” aspect to this remote control solution. It lets you share what you are watching via Facebook and Twitter.

Beacon will have a list price of $79.99 when it becomes available.

Video courtesy of therealgriffintech