Griffin Beacon TV Remote Control Coming in May: No Dongle or Special Case Necessary

If you have an Apple TV (2010 model), you can control it using an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as an alternative to the remote control it comes with. But, what about other TV devices? There’s a couple of options that I wrote about last year:

PowerA Infrared Case Turns an iPhone Into a Universal Remote Control ($60)

L5 Remote: Turn Your iPhone/iPod touch Into an Old School Universal Remote Control ($50)

However, these solutions either force you to use a certain case (PowerA) or attach a dongle to the iPhone’s 30-pin connector (L5). Griffin Technology is developing a product that costs more than the PowerA or L5 but does not require a special case or blocking the 30-pin port.

Beacon Universal Remote Control System

THe $80 Beacon will be available in May. The iPhone communicates with the Beacon using Bluetooth. The Beacon then sends out the infrared signals to TV and other related devices. As Griffin’s product page for the Beacon notes: There are no bulky cases or dongles, no messy wires or cables.