Gridiron Dinner

Get caught up on all of the coverage from Saturday’s Gridiron Club dinner.

From the Post:

  • Columnist Robert Novak in a Darth Vader costume pretending to be Vice President Cheney singing “It’s Not Easy Being Mean.” He warbled, “If Scooter lied to make us free, it could make you wonder why.”

  • Susan Page of USA Today, participating as a member of the “bleedin’ lib’ral Press Corps Band,” singing, “We swear by Scooter Libby we / Will burn a source without remorse / We love to burn a source.”

  • Two very good singers, imported by the Gridiron Club, pretending to be Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Arm in arm they proffered a revisionist version of “I Remember It Well” from “Gigi.” In the song, Rumsfeld remembers Iraqis welcoming U.S. troops “with open arms.” Rice reminds him, “They opened fire! They set off bombs!” An oblivious Rumsfeld responds, “Oh, right, I remember it well.”

    Other song parodies included a paean to Democratic political strategist Rahm Emanuel — “O Rahm! O Rahm! Emanuel,” sung to the tune of the Christmas carol “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” — and a gallows-humor diddy by former New York Times reporter Hedrick Smith as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Helen Thomas of Hearst Newspapers as Kim Jong Il about Saddam Hussein’s feet “in the air.”

    The whole cast appeared onstage for a rousing rendition of “Summer in the Arctics,” poking fun at global warming. “Polar bears are on thin ice / And penguins march in place — poor guys!”