Greystripe Talks Up iPhone Flash Ads

Greystripe, the only ad network to enable Flash ads on the iPhone, said that AXE, Xbox and Dunlop Sports are already taking advantage of the new ad solution.

AXE used Greystripe’s GS.Tailgate mobile ad format to bring a replica of an online Flash game promoting the AXE Shower Tool to the iPhone. Users can play the “Dirty Night Determinator” game to determine how dirty their night will get or opt to watch a YouTube video of the AXE Detailer TV commercial.

Within a test group, consumer intent to purchase the new AXE product was 15% higher among the group exposed to the Flash mobile ad. More than half (56%) of the folks who interacted with the ad intended to purchase, versus 35% among the group that were exposed to the ad but didn’t interact with it.

Xbox and Dunlop Sports are using Greystripe’s GS.Impact format with existing IAB medium rectangle Flash ads delivered to the mobile phone for the first time.