Greystripe Delves into Mobile Gamer Data

On Friday, ad-supported mobile games distributor Greystripe is releasing a report with statistics detailing user demographics, trends and other insight into why mobile games are a valuable channel for advertisers.

The data are compiled from Greystripe’s GameJump portal, its catalog partners and third-party research studies. Since Greystripe’s GameJump portal and AdWRAP Catalog Program launched in 2006, players have downloaded more than 65 million ad-sponsored games.

To see some of the findings and learn how to get a copy of the report, click continued.

Some of the many stats include:

*Mobile gamers largely fall into a coveted demographic: 75% of GameJump gamers worldwide are aged 18-34.

*Mobile gamers get to buy stuff: 51% of GameJump gamers are the primary purchasing decision makers in their households; an additional 39.2% share the responsibility.

*Mobile gamers pay attention to ads: Greystripe’s mobile advertisements average a 10.1% click-through rate worldwide, which is six times higher than the average click-through for traditional mobile advertising.

“By amassing our user data, we are able to continue moving towards our two main goals: creating both the most engaging brand advertising experience and an amazing player experience all the way from download to game play,” Greystripe CEO Michael Chang said regarding the study. “The more we know about our users, the more we can do to ensure that they are having fun with our publishers’ games.”

Additional data include which game devices users own, what carriers they use, the top 20 downloaded games and more lifestyle info such as how often they go to the movies and what kind of car they drive.

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