Greystripe Bringing Flash Ads to the iPad Without Adobe Flash

Greystripe is a long time and successful player in the mobile phone ads and games business. They’ve taken their talents to go where I have feared: Bringing Flash content to the iPad (ack!). However, they are doing so without Adobe Flash. Their iFlash technology transcodes (translates) Flash code into into something that the iPhone and iPad can work with natively. Greystripe notes that HP, Burger King, Axe, Dunlop and LeapFrog will use iFlash to deliver Flash-based ads on the iPhone and iPad.

Greystripe announces iPad support

Developers can sign up with Greystripe to learn how they can use iFlash to transport their Flash content to the anti-Flash iPhone and iPod platforms.

My request (plea) to Flash developers: Please keep it light! Don’t cram incredibly heavy and slow Flash content on the iPhone and iPad. Thanks in advance!