Gretchen Carlson Covers Time

"I’ve been for women’s empowerment my entire life. It’s not like it’s just happened in the last couple of months."

Carlson.USE THIS[3][8]Gretchen Carlson, the former Fox News staffer who began the end of Roger Ailes, graces the latest cover of Time.

Carlson was awarded a $20 million settlement with Fox News after she sued Ailes for sexual harassment. Her decision led to a snowball effect, with more and more women publicly accusing Ailes of sexual misconduct. Eventually, Ailes lost his role at Fox News, the very network he helped create and make into a fear-mongering, money machine.

In the Time interview, Carlson explained that since coming forward about Ailes, she has heard from women from all walks of life.

“I think this [sexual harassment in the workplace] is happening every single day to women in all walks of life and in all different types of corporations,” said Carlson. “I’ve heard from so many women, from Wall Street to a tiny little town in Alabama. It’s everywhere. We need more women in higher roles, because the tone for sexual harassment would no doubt be different.”

The Time issue featuring Carlson is on newsstands today.