Camp Gretawire

In which we check in with Gretawire to see what Van Susteren is chatting about and what her boisterous fan club is saying back.

Take a gander at Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren “Gretawire” blog. She plays host to a community like no other.

In a morning post, Van Susteren ran a comment from one of her readers. Van Susteren had asked readers if their co-workers are “enthusiastic about their jobs.” The comments soon came pouring in.

Here’s the comment the reader left in full:

“I told you before, it is all about coming to work 10 minutes late, starrting [sic] to eat their breakfast at their desk, 3 breaks in the morning, microwave popcorn all day, taking smoke breaks, playing on the computer and iPhone, gossiping about co workers, alienating those that are trying to be productive and positive, and shutting down the computer 20 minutes before your shift ends to use the bathroom or whatever.”

Van Susteren highlighted that comment, urging readers to “run from” anyone who might resemble this reader in the work place.

And with that, another chain of responses from loyal readers. Here are the top six:

6. “Catgirl” finds chicken bones, gay diary:

“There was a person who used my desk at night after I left for the day. Every morning I’d come in and have to wipe off the coffee rings and crumbs. One day I was smelling something funny and I was looking all over for it. Seemed to get worse by the day… 2 or 3 days later I found the source… some chicken bones in a far dark corner under my desk.

“At one time I had temps coming in for the evening. One morning I found WordPerfect files w/strange names. Turns out the guy was keeping a journal of his gay exploits in great detail and presumably forgot to transfer them to a disk. I didn’t read them all… the first couple paragraphs were enough.”

5. “jmj” recognizes the commenter:

“Oh my gosh, I know her, she is really messy too.”

4. “A Republic if you can keep it” places blame on Obama

“In the free marketplace that person who is not competitive due to laziness would be fired. However, when the occupant of the White House was given a pass on November 6th, it indicates that a non-competitive America is about to go down the tubes, thanks to the mentality that hardworking people must pay to take care of free-loaders. The Party is almost over because a bankrupt nation cannot take care of anyone, including lazy people.”

3. “TopKopRon” blames acronyms:

“Sounds like a lot of Govt employees who ‘Once’ worked for me. AFGE (Union) protects them and when AFGE doesn’t work, they go to EEOC!”

2. “Guest” appeals directly to Van Susteren:

“Greta, that blogger (UTKR) is one of the most foul-mouthed, vile, filthy bloggers on GW. Check out some of his late night comments. You have banned him in the past either as UTKR or Blue Suit Guy or one of his many other monikers. Most of us just collapse his comments as soon as we see his avatar of the day.”

1. “BrowardCountyConfidential” sees Social Security fraud, quotes Ghandi:

“You missed a few. There’s shopping on Craigslist, dating on, taking care of personal bills, paperwork, etc. on the job so you don’t have to do that nasty stuff on your own time. Often these Federal employees have little second jobs, so the day job gives them an opportunity to bill for the night job (postage available to mail out on county, as well). And I’d say (at lease with my friend) that she spends 5-7 hr. per week just figuring out if there are any extra days, benefits, etc. she’s not capitalizing on already. And you can buy your freedom and live your life without working at all with the disability program. Just say you have a bad back, (any doc who wants business will write something for you), 6 months full pay delivered to your door, then you get 60% pay like forever, just for asking for it. And no more nasty work schedule. And no one checks, so you’re home free.

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ Ghandi said that. If you find one Federal employee who has adopted that, please give them a placque. [sic]”