Greta’s New Puppy Answers to ‘Audrey’

Olive (at right) with the real Audrey napping on the couch at Greta’s house.

FNC’s Greta Van Susteren and husband John Coale had a few days of potty training issues with their new six-month-old puppy that answers to “Audrey.” Problem is, her name is Olive, not Audrey. The puppy is getting confused by the couple’s other dog, whose name, as you probably guessed, is Audrey.

Adjustment can be hard.

Van Susteren reasoned, “She’s a little girl and she’s doing a good job. It’s going to take awhile. She’ a young dog.”

But at one juncture on Monday afternoon, the adjustment phase reached a critical point when Coale was phoning Greta at the office for assistance with the pup. Greta tweeted, “I think if my husband calls back within 15 minutes I am going to dodge the call.” The ordeal involved potty training. She explained on Twitter, “As we were talking the new puppy had an accident and now my husband has to deal with it…this is not something my husband is fond of, and I promised him our new dog was housebroken (she is almost).”

Best of luck to Olive, er, Audrey.