At Camp Greta, Vomiting at Liberal Dinner Parties is Perfectly Acceptable

Where we check in with Oprah Van Susteren and her rambunctious fans.

There’s never a dull moment at Gretawire, the blog of FNC anchor Greta Van Susteren where her wily and dedicated fans let loose on whatever is on their minds. The last time we checked in on the bunch, they were acting strange, sweetly musing about FNC White House Correspondent Ed Henry’s trip to Israel in March. On Monday they were back to their old shenanigans in an open-ended post by Van Susteren, which, as of this writing, has 1,500 comments.

Liberals Make Them Throw Up At Dinner.

“I just had dinner with several liberals (not by choice, but by obligation), who were talking about how we need to learn to ‘forgive murderers’ and also attempting to raise toasts to ‘understanding Sunni Muslims.’ Later in the evening they were slamming “rednecks” and gun owners. So much for understanding. Needless to say, I WON’T be invited back. I threw up a little on the entree’ after that bit of info. And what made it even worse, the food wasn’t even good. So much for obligations.”– 2soon2bforgot10

They Have Predictions About Vice President Joe Biden’s Political Aspirations.

“He’ll be running for POTUS in a few years. Unreal.”– 3ButterflyKisses

“He’ll never get the nomination.”– SydneyJane2

They Question D.C.’s Security.

“I went to a DC a few weeks ago for the Cherry Blossoms, I forgot I had my son’s little tiny pocket knife in my purse………. I was able to enter a building even though my bag was ‘searched’ and I went through a metal detector. I didn’t realize I had the knife in my purse until the other day when I changed my purses…… we feel safe because of what we see…. someone searching the bag, a metal detector, and uniformed police….. but it’s really not safe at all.”– SydneyJane2

They Have Their Own Trolls.

“Allen West and Newt Gingrich … two losers.”– Greta’sZOO

They Know The Reason For Increases in Food Stamp Recipients.

“Food stamps way up now we know why… Between the illegal Mexicans and the Terrorist is it any wonder…”— SCWOFTX

They Play “Maury” Sometimes.

“Michelle I know that you have been keeping a big secret from Obama, there is no way that the kids belong to him, is there a DNA’s test to prove it?” — Voice_crying_in-the_Wildness