Greta Van Susteren: Anonymous Sources Are Full of S#!&

The thing to like about Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren is that she marches to her own drummer and doesn’t worry about who she might upset, including the volatile PR-wing of her company. Wednesday was no exception as she went on a fantastic rant about anonymous sourcing. Her show isn’t called “On the Record” for nothing. Guess what? She’s sick of it.

“At the risk of getting into trouble by sticking my nose into this…..I do think in a perverse way this stuff about Roger Ailes being isolated and Brian Lewis the #2 is all silly but it is another perfect example of why anonymous sources are so full of ****,” she wrote on her Gretawire blog. 

What are they full of sh-t about? Well, first off, Fox News President Roger Ailes being “isolated.” And second, in her view Brian Lewis is not #2 at the network. Whaaa?!

“Contrary to what I read this morning, Roger Ailes is not isolated,” she wrote. “I see him every time I go to New York.  We sit around his office – I have a Diet Coke – and we talk, we laugh (he is very funny.)  While I am with him, he gets calls non stop, he gets notes run into him and people pop in and out.

What’s more, Lewis #2? According to Greta, please. Best sentence is last.

“Contrary to what I read this morning, Brian Lewis is NOT the #2 at Fox News Channel, is NOT the right hand man to Roger, and is NOT largely responsible for building the network and its success.  Really?  Brian?  Are you kidding? Where was he?  I have been at Fox for 11 1/2 years, with tons and tons of non stop interaction with the management, and I can remember only once ever seeing him (he was in DC on a college tour with a child who has long graduated and we talked college, not Fox!)  No one inside Fox ever talked about Brian as the #2 or the force behind Roger or the success of Fox News Channel. If he was the #2 at Fox News and and largely responsible for its success, that is a Fox News Alert to this prime time anchor of 11 1/2 years!   Frankly, I don’t think I could pick Brian out of a line up!