Greta Takes On Kurtz


Yesterday, Fox News’ Greta van Susteren published a blog post about Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz, after his Thursday piece, “After Taking Some Shots, She Fires Back.”

But then it was taken down.

But Johnny Dollar managed to capture a screenshot of the post, which includes such Greta Thoughts as…

    I wish Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post (and who also works for my competitor CNN) had asked me about this specific paragraph (see below in black) before it was published in todahy’s Washington Post. Howie, in writing his story for the Post, repeats the nastiness of what a TV critic named Zurawik has to say about NBC’s Matt Lauer and me without giving me a chance to reply. I like HOwie..he is a friend of mine..he called me today but did not ask me about Zurawik’s comments below but rather if I thought Governor Palin had been “over managed.” Howie should have asked me about Zurawik’s comments if that is what he was writing. That would have been the right thing to do so that I could have replied. I will reply here.

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