Greta Needs Mediation With Mediaite

FNC’s Greta Van Susteren doesn’t like the attention, or lack thereof, she’s receiving from Mediaite or, “Mediate,” as she mistakenly calls the New York-based pub on her Gretawire blog.

In a Saturday morning post, Susteren took issue with the site for a story headlined “Thursday Ratings: Anderson Cooper Flies High” from last week. “[I]f 2nd place in the demo to ON THE RECORD at 10pm (and ahead of MS/NBC) is flying high than [sic] I suppose it is flying high but it is a bit pathetic,” she wrote, adding, “It looks like Mediate [sic] can’t count or they are getting paid by CNN or are in some weird love affair with CNN…or perhaps a drunken Christmas Party posting?  It just makes no sense.”

Mediaite responded with a follow-up post pointing out that there’s no proof they’re in bed with CNN. In fact, they regularly mention the success of many shows on FNC. “[W]e are covering news, as in, what is ‘new.’ The daily ratings stories, if they were to just comment on who wins the numbers every night, would be a broken record of “Fox News Wins Again!” headlines. So we dig deeper into the numbers…,” they wrote.

Susteren has a minor case. Recently, she hasn’t received much love from Mediaite for the success of her show “On the Record,” whereas increased viewership of Anderson Cooper‘s “360” has been the focus of two stories since November. Susteren’s numbers are mentioned in the stories, but there are no headlines that say she consistently “flies high at 10.”

Between May and April this year, however, Susteren’s high ratings were the focus of at least three separate posts on Mediaite.

This isn’t the first time Susteren has griped about how the site covers her program. She wrote a similar post in May, to which Mediaite founder Dan Abrams responded: “I was struck by the hypocrisy of your post. When you and Fox News crow about your own ratings, do you put an asterisk when the ratings skyrocket for something trivial like the national obsession with Natalie Holloway? Of course not,”Abrams wrote on his site.

Susteren followed up with an apology for having “jump[ed] the gun.”

Sounds like Deja Vu. We wrote Mediaite‘s Managing Editor Colby Hall for comment. He wouldn’t talk (ahem) on the record.