Grenell, Tapper Sling Mud on Twitter


Former Mitt Romney Spokesman and FNC contributing media critic Richard Grenell didn’t like a story he read on CNN last night. So he tweeted at CNN’s Jake Tapper, who had contributed to the story, to voice his discontent. Anyone who follows either of these guys knows that Grenell isn’t shy about complaining, nor is Jake timid about responding when attacked. What followed was a mess of snarky tweets and one hashtag about Justin Bieber.

Tapper was confused as to why Grenell tweeted at him since he didn’t write the story and had only contributed.

Grenell revealed his reasoning to Tapper.

Apparently, this was the first time Tapper had even heard of the story.

And then Tapper went on the offensive.

Others even began chiming in and Grenell got the last word of the night.

By this morning, neither had slept on it and forgotten about their feud overnight. Tapper came right back at Grenell.

Grenell didn’t place the blame on just Tapper. Instead, just the entire network for which he works.

Tapper fired back with a blow.

Grenell also wasn’t done with Tapper.

Tapper then told Grenell he should direct criticisms to his colleague who wrote the story, not him.

Grenell was apparently still stuck on the whole thing about Tapper not reading the story.

And then he finally moved on to Tapper’s comment about Grenell having a lot of time on his hands.

Tapper wasn’t finished with one of Grenell’s earlier Tweets, either, and decided he should give Grenell “Byline 101.”