Grenell, Christopher Twitter Battle Rages Into the Night

Fox News contributor Richard Grenell, number 1 on our list of journalists to not battle with on Twitter, was in a Twitter fight with Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher, number 8 on the list, last night that just stretched on and on and on.

Christopher posted a recent column on race, President Obama and Trayvon Martin. Grenell chimed in with what he surely thought was a good fact-check, albeit one filtered through his own political view (as was Christopher’s liberal-eyed column).

The conversation quickly devolved into a back and forth notable as much for its focus on minute matters of semantics as it is just two people each going, “you said this, I said that,” over and over again—as if they expected the other would suddenly just be all like, ‘Oh yeah, my bad, you’re right.’

It got weird though when Grenell accused Christopher of playing the gay card.

“I don’t think a guy who couldn’t even hack it on the Romney campaign should be calling anyone a joke,” Christopher said, referring to Grenell’s short-lived stint as a Romney spokesman. Grenell responded: “Nice. Anti-gay celebrating from a liberal. #tolerance

Hmmm… seems like a bit of a jump. But then, surely Christopher knew when he made that comment that Grenell left Romney’s campaign after a week of mounting anti-gay rhetoric from the likes of American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer and other social conservatives, right? Surely he got that it could be taken as a cheap shot targeting Grenell’s sexuality?

He says that’s not what he meant though.

“I’m not celebrating it, I don’t think you should’ve worked for an anti-gay bigot in the first place,” he replied. And then, later: “Yeah, you got booted out of a job with a shitty campaign whose platform viewed you as less than human. You suddenly mad?”

We’ll leave all that for you to decide.

And if you want to figure out who won, you can have a look at the final salvos on Twitter for yourself. We stopped reading when Hitler came up.

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