San Diego Videographer Helps Friend Recover Stolen iPhone

Generally speaking, Greg Torkelson has no direct connection to the mayhem he films as a stringer for local TV stations and services like But in the case of his friend Kenneth Schmidgall, Torkelson was instrumental in helping track down a stolen iPhone and then filming away as the theft victim (Schmidgall) violently confronted the thief.

The pair used the Find My iPhone App to pinpoint the whereabouts and identity of the alleged culprit. As ABC Channel 10 reporter Hannah Mullins dramatically reminds in her report below, pepper spray was also involved.

Schmidgall tells Mullins it was more the principle of not letting someone get away with theft than the actual recovery of an older iPhone that motivated his and Torkelson’s actions. Either way, as this story gets picked up, the pair’s chosen course of action is being hotly debated and mostly, so far, endorsed by commenters.