Global Social Influencer Marketing at a Glance: Top Five Emerging Markets

Opinion: Gone are the days where brands are limited to exploring country-specific affiliates

Facebook and its role in e-commerce is a global phenomenon.

eMarketer reports $1.9 trillion in e-commerce revenue in 2016, a 24 percent spike from the prior year. Double-digit growth is forecasted through 2020 with global e-commerce sales topping $4 trillion and accounting for nearly 19 percent of all retail sales.

China is the primary driver of incremental ecommerce revenue for 2016, accounting for 47 percent of all retail e-commerce sales worldwide, while the Asia-Pacific region remains the world’s largest retail e-commerce market with $1 trillion in sales last year.

When it comes to investing your digital dollars, these are the emerging markets you should be looking at:

The Top 5

Reaching these top five markets

Global audiences are thriving, and reaching them through performance marketing efforts has never been easier. Gone are the days where brands are limited to exploring country-specific affiliates. In its place is a diverse network portfolio that can track cross-border transactions in real-time and in their native currency.

Aspects such as shipping, exchange rates, taxes, content compliance, domain monitoring and search strategies are all issues that have to be managed when launching a global performance marketing program. Rapid global growth of performance marketing does present challenges, but with a nuanced approach to international strategy, you, too, can benefit from global e-commerce growth.

Greg Shepard is chief technology officer at performance marketing firm Pepperjam.

Image courtesy of shapecharge/iStock.