For the Mills, it’s All in the KCBS-KCAL-KOB Family

Veteran KCBS 2 and KCAL 9 reporter Greg Mills is beaming these days, thanks to the biggest step forward made yet by his TV journalist daughter Heather. A twentysomething graduate of the University of San Diego, she recently landed a job as reporter and weekend co-anchor for Albuquerque NBC affiliate KOB-TV Channel 4.

FishbowlLA caught up with Mills sr. today via telephone from Pomona, where he was on location with “Unit 57” for a report about how Californians are rushing to stock up on earthquake supplies, post-Japan. “I gave Heather two main pieces of advice,” he reveals. “Be yourself; keep in mind that they’re hiring you, not someone else. At the same time, watch the other people around you and learn. She’s now with very seasoned anchors at KOB, people that have been doing it 15, 20 years.”

Before his current stint, which began in 2004, Mills sr. worked all across the southwest, most notably in Denver, where he covered sports for more than a decade as a reporter for KWGN and hosted The Don Baylor Show for eight years. He has encouraged Heather to keep pursuing the anchor end of things, because ultimately that’s where the money is.

“Heather always liked performing,” Mills recalls. “She studied dance and ballet, before an injury forced her to abandon dreams of that type of career. I grew up in Phoenix, but she for the most part was raised in Tucson.”

He adds that in journalism, it’s always possible to improve. Mills says that in the past year, under a new management regime at KCBS-KCAL, he feels he has learned as much as at any time during his venerable TV career.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.