The ‘Trial Separation’ is Over: Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto Back Together on WNYW’s Good Day New York

No shower scene, no Patrick Duffy, and no dream scene. But if you skipped the last seven months on WNYW, it’s back to the familiar Greg Kelly/Rosanna Scotto on Good Day New York.

The duo was reunited this morning after yesterday’s stunning announcement, which FishbowlNY had first, removing the NYPD commissioner’s son from the high-profile evening newscasts. Steve Lacy, former Early Call (4:30 a.m.) host began as 10 p.m. co-anchor last night. He’ll start soloing the 6 pm. tonight.  It was an apparent ugly second stint for Dave Price at Channel 5. We’re told that Price, who was bumped to the early morning slot, was “livid” about management’s decision. He was let out of his contract several months early.

However, this morning Scotto pointed out that Price “wanted to do other things.” She said twice in the opening of the 9 a.m. hour that it was his choice.

“We look forward to what he decides to do next,” Scotto says.

The spotlight then shifted to the positive: Lacy’s ascension at WNYW.

“Big things in his future,” Kelly declared.

In officially telling the audience about Lacy’s new gig, Scotto questioned her partner.

“Do you have any advice for him?”

“Steve is an outstanding broadcaster and a very smart guy,” Kelly admits. “Two of the reasons I was intimidated by him, when I first met him.”

As for Kelly, no direct reason for their being re-teamed was given.

“I’m glad we’re back,” Kelly says. “I’m glad I had the experience at night.”

Kelly was criticized for treating the nighttime newscasts with a morning show sensibility. As late as Wednesday, Kelly brought his penultimate 6 p.m. broadcast to a halt. While speaking to reporter Joel Waldman about the arctic blast in the second story, Kelly asked Waldman to share a favorite moment from his recent Africa trip.

The Good Day team resumed its now famous chemistry, and showed brief clips and photos from their past together. The Kelly and Scotto team was a four-year ratings winner before the July changes.

“We needed to split up,” Scotto jokes. “It had to be a clean break.”

“A trial separation, we decided we’re probably better together,” Kelly adds.

As the show wrapped up, the anchors took a serious, if not sappy, tone.

“I missed you so much,” Kelly told his on-air wife.

“I missed you too.”