Greg Coleman Talks BuzzFeed

Greg Coleman, the new president of BuzzFeed, has an interesting way of talking about the company. In an interview with USA Today, Coleman described BuzzFeed as a rocket ship and said he was happy to be part of the “Huffington Post mafia,” which makes us wonder if he knows what “mafia” means.

Coleman explained that for now, he’s just trying to get up to speed. “I’m meeting, learning, listening,” Coleman said. “In the next couple of months, I’m gonna be catching up to the rocket ship, getting into the rocket ship. Then once I catch up, I’ll figure out how to add the value the team here wants me to add.” We hope he brought his space suit.

As for the HuffPost mafia, that’s Coleman’s way of describing working with Jonah Peretti and Ken Lerer — BuzzFeed’s CEO and chairman, respectively — once again. The trio previously worked together at HuffPost. “Whatever it is about this Huffington Post mafia, I feel so empowered to come into this job, because the team that brought me in knows what I can do and I know what they can do,” said Coleman.

Coleman added that the future of BuzzFeed is BuzzFeed Video. He’s meeting with executive VP of video Ze Frank soon, and the two will discuss how to bring BuzzFeed’s knack for creating viral content to the big screen.

Here’s hoping that doesn’t involve recording an existing movie and then repackaging it as a BuzzFeed original film. That could lead to a tragic rocket ship crash landing.

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