Greetings From Your Humble Correspondent

Hello! I’m Alexander C. Kaufman, the new co-editor of FishbowlNY. It’s lovely to meet you. My handshake? Oh, thanks, my dad always taught me have a firm handshake. “Everyone in this city is out to screw you over and take your money,” he’d warn in his distinctly non-rhotic accent. “A good handshake says no one can f–” I’ll spare you the expletive, “you over.”

It’s that no-B.S. mentality that got me into media reporting. Reporting on the business of providing you a worldview is a way of lifting the veil on the Wizard of Oz. What could be a better check on power?

And here in New York, as Eliot Glazer keenly observed in this video, you often are what you read. Growing up, I could learn a lot about my friends’ parents by which magazines or newspapers were sitting on the kitchen counter. These assumptions are unscientific, but a copy of the New York Times on the table? Maybe quinoa for dinner and a membership to MoMA. The New York Post? Better check the Mets scores before I chitchat. (If you want to assess me for yourself, my parents were longtime Newsday subscribers and my dad refreshes Bloomberg, Business Insider and Drudge Report on his phone all day long).

So, after nearly a year as the media reporter at in Los Angeles, I’m back in the hub of it all in New York. I’ll spare you the biographical details, my new colleague Richard Horgan at FishbowlLA painted more flattering a picture than I ever could.

The shortlist: I started as an intern at the Long-Islander (the paper Walt Whitman founded) at 15. I studied at Emerson College in Boston, where I also worked at the Boston Globe. Then, impulsively, I moved to California, because, really, there’s no better or less responsible way to up and move to 3,000 miles away. Los Angeles was fun, but New York City  is every bit as superior as everyone seems to like to blog about.

So, if you’ve got New York media news, email me, tweet at me or call me with tips. I’m around.

Here’s how to reach me:

alexanderckaufman [at]