Greet Minds Think Alike…And Sometimes They Talk Too

If you’ve got some time, we highly suggest downloading this great PDF that’s from the new issue of Provider Magazine, a conversation between Sam Hecht and John Maeda. We found it by way of Dezain, which always features loads of great resouces in a quick, easy method. Can’t believe we haven’t sent them back over any link-ery yet. Anyway, Hecht, as you may, may not know, is one of the two heads behind the big-time award-winning Industrial Facility shop, who has, with his partner Kim Colin, written books, designed all kinds of things from products to exhibits in The Design Museum (one of their “Footballs” is there right now), and everything in between. A big shot. Maeda is equally as brilliant, being one of the top brains at the MIT Media Lab (which they can grow there, brains we mean, so you know it’s something big when you’re better than that). For the magazine, the two sat down and talked for a while about anything and everything design-related. Color, technology, etc. It’s great. Go set aside some time at lunch and take it all in.

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