Greenpeace To Facebook: Unfriend Coal By Earth Day

Greenpeace has set a deadline of Earth Day, April 22, for Facebook to pledge to switch from coal to renewable energy sources.

Greenpeace has turned up the volume on its calls for Facebook to stop using coal to power its data centers, by setting a deadline of Earth Day, April 22.

Some 98,423 people have clicked on a Greenpeace Facebook page called Unfriend Coal that asks people to copy the organization’s graphic — “Will Facebook pledge to go green by earth day?” — and upload it as a profile photo, then tag friends in the image. Along with that, the group wants its fans to posta a status update that says, “I want Facebook to @Unfriend Coal
Meanwhile, the organization’s blog states that 600,000 people have joined in the call to get the social network to switch to renewable energy sources to power the company’s data centers, a campaign that began in February 2010.
When Greenpeace first started campaigning, the organization created a page called We want facebook to use 100% renewable energy; it has since become a group, now 302,079 members strong.
Greenpeace has begun airing a television commercial this week that asks Facebook to unfriend coal, and we’ve embedded a copy of it below. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section.