Green Things, Mud Huts, and More Star Wars


Speaking of Star Wars, it’s hard to think of that series of films without two words coming to mind: mud huts. At least that’s how it works for us anyway (you probably think “Ewok songs,” but that’s your problem). For despite being the type of science-fiction with lots of robots and flying ships as it was, there were still an inordinate amount of “made from the earth” housing on display in those films. We use that intro simply as a segue into a note we received from our friends at the show “Studio 360,” whose latest episode was about all things green, following people who are reusing things or developing new eco-minded stuffs, including a piece about Cal-Eath, the mud hut-esque building going on in Hersperia, California by architect Nader Khalili, which brings us back fill circle to the Star Wars bit, see? We recommend listening to the whole episode, if you have the time, but if not, here’s that portion: