Green + Holiday Shopping = Welcome to Guiltville


Being as this writer was raised Catholic and grew up being instructed on the finer parts of guilt at one of the nation’s many Catholic Guilt Instructional Centers (you may know them by their other name: “Catholic school”), this story in the NY Times yesterday really made our day: “Jolly and Green, With an Agenda.” It’s about the green guilt people are facing this holiday season, as super consumerism meets environmental concerns of buying less and getting more use out of what you already have. Sure, there’s some stuff in the piece of how people are designing products made from recycled things and avoiding being like the person they talk about in the opening who gave lousy gifts of compact fluorescent light bulbs, but the real thing of importance here is welcome to our world. Soon that feeling of guilt will begin to spread out into New Years (“I should have had a bigger party. I bet everyone had a lousy time.), then July 4th (“Should I have bought so many fireworks? It’s such a waste!”) and so on, until the only thing that works is a bottle of whiskey and a CD player that only plays the saddest of Pogues songs on endless repeat.