Green Giant Joins the Anti-Bullying Team

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and school bullies may be the only people less popular than the United States Congress today. Even Jesse Pinkman has helped organize a campaign to thwart them, and at this point it almost feels like any brand that doesn’t take a stand against bullies is encouraging the little bastards.

Green Giant is the latest company to enter the fray, but their approach is different: they’re marketing to parents rather than the teens who have to walk the school halls every day. The “Raise a Giant” campaign, created in partnership with the Pacer Center for children with disabilities, encourages moms and dads to help teach their children the appropriate way to counter a tormentor: stand up and tell them that you’re not going to take it anymore.

There’s a social component to the campaign too, of course:

Parents are encouraged to put their inspirational messages into word form and share the resulting letters on social media. The campaign site features a selection of such messages written by parents to their children, and it even allows users to search based on topics like “body image”, “school bus” and “sister”(!!).

We understand the value of such campaigns in defining a brand’s position, but do they work in the real world? Things may have changed a bit since we were in high school, but we were under the impression that bullies could be bullies because they’re bigger and stronger than their victims. If only there were a super-sized, possibly green man around to protect them…