Green Day Uses Chirpify To Sell Latest Release On Twitter

Looking for an easy way to sell stuff online? Why haven’t you checked out Chirpify? We told you about them months ago!

Well, if you didn’t check them out before because you were waiting for hard data proving the service works, we have that for you. And we also have case studies from others who have used the service, including a singer who has an oddly popular video where she writes words on her body. Naked.

We’re not kidding.

Chirpify shared it’s lastest triumph with us late last night:

Green Day played its new song “Let Yourself Go” at MTV’s Video Music Awards, and at that exact moment went direct to their fans by selling the song in-stream on Twitter with social commerce platform Chirpify. This is the first time ever a big label band has sold music in-stream on Twitter. No checkout or login needed with Chirpify, just a reply to Green Day’s listing with “buy”. I thought a story on social commerce with Green Day as a prime example might interest you since Chirpify is the only platform to enable in-stream Twitter transactions.

Green Day will be selling direct to fans on Twitter with Chirpify its triple album “Uno!,¡Dos!, and ¡Tre!” and new songs “Oh Love” and “Let Yourself Go.”

And here’s the tweet Green Day sent out:


We, of course, wanted to wait until they had some hard data to share with readers – and now we have it. During just the first four hours last night, Green Day:

  • Had 250 reply “buys” (i.e.,  one every 55 seconds)
  • Had 1496 retweets and 596 favorites
Also, it’s important to note that Green Day ‘s Twitter averages 2200 new followers per day and they’ve added 9000 in 10 hours post launch (900 new followers per hour, 15 per second). And the average cost per Twitter follower is $3.25 (median price), which could cost them $29,250, yet they paid nothing to gain followers via this campaign.
Chirpify offers three additional case studies, including last week’s t-shire sale by Amanda Palmer (this would be the naked video person).
320 people replied “buy” in a 48 hour period of time, generating over $6,000 in potential revenue for her – all from one tweet. Her total conversion rate for the stretch of time was 4%. If you added the RTs, Favorites, and Replies together her engagement rate was well over 5%, or 4 times better than Twitter’s promoted products.

Interesting, hmm?

Have you tried Chirpify? Do you plan to? Tell us about it!

(Laptop and money image from Shutterstock)

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