GREE launches physics fighting game Flop Fu on Google Play


Mobile and social game company GREE has announced the launch of Flop Fu on Android devices. The game comes from GREE’s experimental G-Labs division, which was created to give developers the freedom to take chances, designing and building apps in less than three months. In Flop Fu, players go one-on-one in real-time fights by “flailing and flopping their limbs” against their enemies.

Flop Fu offers both single player and synchronous multiplayer gameplay. Users are offered two control joysticks, with one for “Flail” and another for “Flop.” Fighters perform like rag dolls, with bodies spinning wildly during combat, as players work to quickly defeat their opponents. Gamers can choose from multiple character types, including boxers, luchadores and astronauts.

The game tracks player stats and offers a global leaderboard, as well as some sound effects created by members of the game’s development team.


“Simply put, Flop Fu is just a really fun game to play,” said Patrick Traughber, Senior Product Manager at GREE, and leader of G-Labs.

“The G-Labs team is always thinking about new and innovative games and ways to play them. Flop-Fu is definitely all of that with a dash of hilarity. The concept of the game is simple, but once players get ahold of the joystick controls and attempt to master each fighter’s awkward movements, laughs are sure to follow.”

Flop Fu is available to download for free on Google Play. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.