GREE launches “GREE Loves Indies” program to bring independent developers to its platform

Social-mobile gaming giant GREE is looking to court independent mobile developers with its new GREE Loves Indies program.

The initiative will offer small studios access to what GREE calls its “worldwide resources and in-depth expertise.” As part of the program, GREE is launching its Indie of the Month contest, which asks U.S. based developers to submit new titles to the company with the chance to see them launch on the GREE platform.

The contest will see GREE choose three winners — one in November, one in December and one in January — to award with a prize pack containing a four to six week long game launch campaign, PR support, game review and optimization, pre and post-launch coaching and integration support valued at $2,000. GREE expects to launch the first game from the contest during the holiday season.

Although the contest’s official terms and conditions do not specify any other payout than the monthly prizes, developers who win and have their titles published by GREE will likely have to sign the same revenue sharing agreement all GREE platform members agree to. Developers should also be aware that under the terms and conditions of the contest, all submissions become the property of GREE — a clause similar to the one that got Atari into hot water with the development community when it launched the Pong Indie Developer Challenge earlier this year.

So far however, GREE seems to have a good track record with independent studios. Last week the company announced it has signed with four new independent developers: Enders Fund, Fathom Interactive, Fifth Column and FreezeTag. GREE has also recently signed SkyVu Entertainment, InfiniDy, Oceanside Interactive, Gamenauts as well as Hothead Games, SpaceGum and SiuYiu.

Update: GREE has reached out to Inside Mobile Apps to clarify the terms and conditions of the Indie of the Month Contest. According to GREE, all games and IP will remain with their developers — GREE will own the application forms, but not the games submitted. Winning titles will appear on the GREE platform, but not as part of a publishing deal.