GREE, IUGO release Criminal Legacy on Android


Mobile game company GREE has announced the launch of Criminal Legacy, exclusively on Android devices. Developed in partnership with Vancouver-based IUGO, the game sees players bringing together a group of criminals to defeat rival gangs and take control of the streets.

The game’s single-player story mode takes players to 16 different locations across 80 stages. Users will build their own mansion as they earn power in the city, complete with fountains, shooting ranges and more status symbols to show off to their rivals.

Players can collect over 100 weapons and tools for their criminals, and can upgrade their units with better skills over time. Outside of the game’s single-player mode, users can head into the multiplayer arena, taking on others in pvp combat, or chatting and joining forces with other players in guilds.

“Criminal Legacy is an exploration of strength and power. Those are the attributes that rule the criminal world and with them, you control it all,” said Ken Chiu, Sr. Vice President of Social Games at GREE. “This game isn’t just about how powerful each player is alone but about how they come together to face-off against their foes – and sometimes even their friends. IUGO and GREE have given players who are ready the tools to wage war; now now they just need to learn to master them.”

Criminal Legacy is available to download for free on Google Play. The game will be updated with new quests, live events and additional content on a regular basis to keep users engaged.

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