GREE announces Tiny Utopia as first Indie of the Month contest winner

Mobile-social gaming giant GREE announced today that Tiny Utopia’s Epic Mech Wars is the first “Indie of the Month” contest winner, which is part of the GREE Loves Indies program.

Epic Mech Wars was created by Tiny Utopia founder Neal Nellans and will be available for mobile devices on GREE’s platform this December. The Austin, Texas-based independent studio’s Epic Mech Wars is a player-versus-player simulator where players can customize their own robots to use for battling with other players.

GREE first announced the program in October that’s meant to bring in independent mobile developers and offer them access to GREE’s “worldwide resources and in-depth expertise.”

The Indie of the Month contest is another part of the GREE Loves Indies program, which allows U.S.-based developers to submit their new games to GREE with the opportunity to have them launch on GREE’s platform.

Tiny Utopia will receive four to six weeks of hands-on support from GREE in the form of public relations, resources, game review and optimization, integration, launch and post-launch support.

Developers who submit games to GREE’s program should note that the games and IP control will remain with the developers. GREE will own the application forms, but not the games itself. Developers who want to learn more can read the terms and conditions for the contest here.

GREE will choose two more winners for the contest in December and January.