Greatest. Internal. Critique. Ever.

We love the Post’s internal critiques. They’re almost uniformly well-done, interesting and insightful (and occasionally funny).

But this may very well be the greatest intro to any critique ever (from Style’s Michael Cavna):

“I was awakened this morning by bare breasts I did not recognize.”

We’re tempted just to leave it at that, but–to be fair–the context happens when you click below. And, yes, it includes such wonderful gems as, “For the greater good, we need to become smarter little sluts for journalism.”

Michael Cavna: We officially love you.

“And randomly splayed legs. And hard skinny arms. So tiny, and yet everywhere. And oofah, all that hair.

I’d been buried alive.

By Barbies.

In my own dystopian Fairytopia of a home, my bed had become infested with half-clad Bratz girls and Disney dolls. More plasic than any Postupedic should have to bear.

Such is life with a 6-year-old daughter. And part of that life involves being exposed, literallym, to cross-platform-savyy toy companies. And boy, do these made-in China girls know how to pimp their musical/online/television product.

SOmething I’m growing less and less ashamed to acknowledge, that newspapers oculd take a cue from.

On the web. on the radio. On the street. For the greater good, we need to become smarter little sluts for journalism. J-walkers, if you will.

Hand me the fish-nets. I’ve got me some readers to catch.

What the Hasbro ho’s know how to sell, really, is personality. Or the illusion of such.

IN the printed Post, of course, we’ve got personality. Or better yet, true “personalities.” But when I slip into my platofmr shoes and check out our other burgeoning “modes of delivery,” I’m somewhat impressed, yet not convinced that we coudln’t be doing much, much more to feature our personalities. And more creatively so.”

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