Great NYT Party, Terrible NYT Pick-Up Line

When Maureen Dowd's name is taken in vain.

The Ad Age tandem of Mark Bergen and Michael Sebastian have provided an entertaining recap of their embedded weekend at SXSW. It’s hard to believe Google could bungle a party this badly. It’s even harder to believe  someone at the better bash would use that line.

From the blurb portion Old Media Wins Friday Night:

The New York Times Magazine and Google each threw parties Friday night – and the Times magazine won, according to multiple people who attended both parties and said Google’s was a snore. Of course, the Times magazine bash was more or less the Manhattan media scene transplanted to Texas. They even served Shake Shack burgers. Best/worst pickup line overheard at the party: “Want to meet Maureen Dowd? Because I can make that happen.”

Part of the reason the NYT party was such a success is that it included the sweet sounds of DJ Dan Deacon, a.k.a. All Songs Considered’s “favorite electronic musician.” If you’re looking to grab a little Deacon SXSW vibe sometime today at your cubicle, this is a good place to click.