Great Mobile Sites: The New York Times

Last week, we posted about Web sites that are properly formatted for cell phone viewing. Since then, we’ve received some submissions from readers for additional sites that we think look great. As the first post in a new series, we’ll detail a URL that we think showcases how a mobile site should be designed for easy viewing on cell phones.

First up is an obvious one: The New York Times. This mobile site is well-formatted, updated constantly, and puts all the latest stories front and center. If you’re a TimesSelect subscriber, you can also access protected content from your cell phone (after logging in). This way you’ll never be without your Friedman or Dowd fix.

To read the site, fire up your cell phone’s web browser and key in

Note: You’ll need some kind of data plan activated with your carrier in order for this to work. If you plan on reading sites on the go fairly often, we suggest you upgrade to an unlimited data plan if you don’t already have one; prices range from $9.99 per month on up, depending on the device and carrier. The last thing you want is a huge phone bill because of all the extra megabytes of data you “downloaded.”

For more information: The New York Times

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