Finding Great Deals On Twitter Is Easy When You Follow @CheapChick

Lesley Mitchell is one cheap chick. This isn’t an insult, it’s a moniker she wears proudly as the voice behind both the blog and Twitter handle, One Cheap Chick.

And if you want to find the latest and greatest deals retailers are offering online, you’ll want to check out both!
Lesley Mitchell is an example of someone “doing Twitter right.” Not that there’s a rule book or anything (outside of Twitter’s terms of service, of course), but when it comes to using Twitter to its full information powerhouse potential there are definitely some good and not so good practices to employ.

Without delving too deeply into points we’ve covered in numerous other posts, Lesley has an exceptionally curated account. She is very selective as to who she follows (presently only following around 200 accounts), so scanning her Twitter stream each day for deals is entirely manageable.

Out side of that, she find deals by searching Twitter for specific keywords, reading lots of blogs and – as she’s pretty well known in her space – she gets emails from those in the know and directly from many major companies.

Lesley started the One Cheap Chick blog in November of 2008 and started the @CheapChick Twitter shortly after that. You can also find her sharing select items on Facebook, but Twitter is really the place where you find the best items – and it’s the platform we’re focusing on here, of course!

Why does her Twitter feed offer the best deals? Well, the blog has just tons of great offers, but she’s able to find and share time-sensitive deals that folks need to know about ‘rightnow’ to get in on the action.

For example, if you were following Lesley’s Twitter last week, you would’ve been able to snap up this Kindle Fire deal (click image to go to the post):

Would’ve saved ya’ $60 bucks.

Lesley tells us that she often gets messages thanking her from people who see the deals she promotes on Twitter and are able to snap them up before they are sold out.

The Cheap Chick deals are U.S. focused (did you know that retailers offer different deals for Canada and the U.S.? Neither did we till we spoke with Lesley), but you’ll also find links to Utah and Salt Lake City happenings and free events under the #UT and #SLC hashtags – so if  you’re local, definitely check those out.

Have you found great deals on Twitter? Tell us about them!

(Saving money image from Shutterstock)