Great Concept in a Painful Spot


Earlier today, we were sent a link to watch a video a friend had made on a Kodak site that allows you to import your own photos into a tv spot for the company. The spot itself would be heavy handed to even a regular Hallmark Channel viewer, what with the soft music, lighting, and the curious, adorable children repeating cute, adorable, curious things. And not to mention that the whole concept of the spot reeks of “Hey! Hey! Over here! We’re still relevant!” to the point where you figure the primary audience is the elderly or technologically un-advanced, who Kodak hopes will sneak into your bedroom and smash your digital camera. But all that aside, the “add your photos into the spot” site, which we learned from AdFreak, was made by OgilvyOne, we felt, was a really novel idea. And the kind of thing that makes an internet user sit up and take note of. It’s one thing to have viral weirdness. It’s another when you can get your audience to participate in an inventive way. Because, really, you may think otherwise, but 90% of the audience out there is probably going to revel in this sap. And that’s where the big money is. Anyway, it’s not there yet, even this spot exercise is rough. But still. There was a glimmer in there. Let’s see more of it.