Great: Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe Have Both Returned to Media Darling Status

Looks like James O’Keefe’s latest prank has not only gotten NPR‘s president to resign, it’s gotten Andrew Breitbart back in the national spotlight. Breitbart was on Piers Morgan’s show last night talking about his protege’s capers, and the left wing bias that prevents them from being properly acknowledged. We thought the Shirley Sherrod incident would finally send Breitbart to the media glue factory, but now he’s back galloping around like nothing happened–saying calculated, counterintuitive things like “the best coverage on this incident has been NPR. It’s been impeccable…I respect NPR more than you would actually think.” And he’s actually right about the bias against this latest O’Keefe prank.

Here’s the deal: O’Keefe did pull off a good prank, and it’s ridiculous that the media is latching on to his tactics only weeks after praising Ian Murphy of the Buffalo Beast for assuming the persona of David Koch and pranking Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. The difference between the two pranks isn’t in the methodology, it’s that Murphy got a GOVERNOR in the midst of a national media storm to say intemperate things, while O’Keefe ensnared a stuffed-shirt NPR fundraiser. Murphy’s prank was actually important, while O’Keefe’s should have made for a mildly amusing distraction. The only reason O’Keefe’s scandal became a big deal is because NPR made it a big deal. Even Slate‘s Jack Shafer, who hates NPR, agrees with us on that point.

Did you see Scott Walker apologize for sucking billionaire teet in the wake of his prank? No! And it looks like he just came out on top in Wisconsin.

But because of NPR‘s cowardly grovelling, not only do Republicans have ammunition to pull NPR‘s funding, but we all have to deal with Andrew Breitbart on our TVs again. So thanks NPR.

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