Graydon Carter: Weekly Magazines are Doomed

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Vanity Fair’s longtime editor Graydon Carter took some time out from hosting the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit to talk the future of publishing. While Carter expressed optimism about print in general, he said what what we all are thinking — that weekly magazines are in trouble because “There’s more of an urgency.”

Carter also explained that the biggest threat to magazines isn’t people lack of advertising dollars or even people shifting to a digital format, it’s the lack of distributors.

“There used to be 300 companies distributing magazines,” said Carter. “Now there’s two. And at the same time, the post office under pressure to make a profit. And so those are the only two ways of getting a print magazine, either on newsstand or at – through the post office. And so those are – those are both constricting.”