Graydon Carter Doesn’t Get Out Much

Graydon Carter, the longtime Vanity Fair editor, has been quite busy lately. This year is Vanity Fair’s 100th anniversary, and so countless outlets want Carter to talk about the glossy’s history and its future. During an interview with New York, Carter does that and more. In fact, he sounds like someone who has been doing one thing for so long that he’s lost touch with reality.

Carter said that he considers it “gratifying” to be part of a magazine that has lasted so long, then notes that magazines today must deal with a depressing newsstand market. “Nothing is working right now,” Carter explained. “Nothing. For anybody. It’s like that whole part of the business fell off a bridge, and I don’t think it’s coming back.”

When the subject turns to the city, things go a bit haywire. Carter went to Williamsburg recently and well, you can probably guess how that went.

“Literally I could have been going to Chad,” said Carter. “It was not what I expected. The architecture wasn’t as interesting or as baroque or as industrial — it looked like Queens to me.”

We wonder what people living in Chad have to say about that.