Graydon Carter: ‘As A Rule, Women Sell Better Than Men’

Graydon Carter tore himself away from The Waverly Inn long enough to explain to WWD‘s Memo Pad why this Monday’s ABC figures will show that Vanity Fair‘s first half of 2007 newsstand performance didn’t beat the same period in 2006:

“‘…some of this year’s covers just didn’t do as well as we hoped. There is, unfortunately, no science to this.’ Perhaps one explanation could be that men don’t sell as well for the pop culture monthly — Bruce Willis, Owen Wilson, Chris Rock, Leonardo DiCaprio, and James Gandolfini all appeared on the cover in the first half, compared to female cover subjects like Naomi Watts, Lindsay Lohan, and Teri Hatcher in last year’s first half. ‘It depends on the man, of course, but as a rule, women do sell better than men. Unless that man is Brad Pitt,’ quipped Carter. In fact, Demi Moore, the only woman who appeared on its cover alone this period, sold best.”

2006, Carter notes, was the best newsstand year in VF‘s history, accounting, in part, for the 15.7 percent drop of single copy sales.

— Ron Mwangaguhunga