Grateful Dead Game Aims to Cultivate ‘Digital Heads’ Following

Burbank based Rhino Entertainment and Asheville, NC game developer Curious Sense have today officially unveiled phase two of The Epic Tour, an online world inspired by the legacy of the Grateful Dead and the band’s devoted “Dead Heads” fan base.

What’s most intriguing here is that Curious Sense crowd-sourced the latest aspect of a game first launched last December. From today’s press release:

Curious Sense created a website in which Grateful Dead fans browsed a catalog of more than 2,500 Grateful Dead concerts, voting for shows they deemed “epic.” After collecting more than 30,000 votes over a period of two months, the fans’ top ten Grateful Dead shows were announced, and those ten concerts will make up the destinations in The Epic Tour.

“The game is designed to appeal first and foremost to Dead Heads, with an art style, sound design, and narrative authentic to the Grateful Dead legacy,” said Adam Blumenthal, president of Curious Sense. “But it’s also an opportunity to introduce the Grateful Dead to a new set of fans who have grown up with video gaming but weren’t able to see the Dead live.”

Curious Sense and Rhino have been working closely throughout with Grateful Dead Legacy. At press time however, the game website’s front-page “Start the Trip” link was not working.