’s Educational Videos for the Design-Minded

Looking to update your skills a bit or figure out how to wrap your brain around some certain concept you’ve been longing to get locked down? Our friends over at one of our sister sites,, have just celebrated their first anniversary of their service wherein you can learn all sorts of tricks of the design trade via on demand videos created by industry pros like Steven Brower and Angela Riechers. If you’re unfamiliar with it, each week a batch of new videos pop up, ranging from the how-to tutorial type to the more “here’s some things to think about to help your career” variety. They’re like quickie master classes, where you can pick up some useful bits of knowledge for use sometime in the future. Here’s a description of one of their newest courses taught by none other than Jonathan Gouthier (a brief sample has also been posted, if you’d like to get a taste of what’s there):

Branding expert Jonathan Gouthier knows the value of simple design solutions. With the help of some striking examples, he illustrates how color, white space, specialty printing techniques, and typography can be used to create simple design work that also makes an impact. In addition, Jonathan reveals the brainstorming strategies he uses in his practice to come up with concepts that lead to an effective final product.